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In that case, my sincere advice is to check, double-check and treble-check all essential details. Two important celestial factors, one Mars and the other Saturn, are responsible for making this a generally auspicious day. One word for the whole week, though, is to keep a close eye on financial comings and goings. Above all, be as utterly practical as you can.

You may, briefly, have to go over old ground, but the results of such persistence will be splendid. Look very closely at an issue which may cause a little pain. You have nothing to fear because, over the next seven days, the planets are assuming a pattern which simultaneously favours both your inner, private world and your successful public demeanour. Professional and community-minded Scorpios will do best; those of you stuck at home may watch the world drifting by.

Your December 17, Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Capricorn Season Has Finally Arrived

Step up and do something that's interesting to you to reignite your passion for what you want out of life today. Taurus, show up and be an active part of your life.

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There are days when you may feel like letting others take the reigns and lead the way to where the day should go. But how will you make your dreams come true if you don't drive how your time is focused yourself? Gemini, be more expressive. Be open and generous with the way that you are inside of you. It's healthy to live life transparently.

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Let your eyes show your feelings when speaking to others and let the intensity of your genuine intentions leave no doubt that you are genuine. Cancer, taking action and starting projects today will be an energy you can't resist. However, early this week, don't jump too far forward when you imagine a new idea is time sensitive. Give it 24 hours to sleep on it, write your ideas down for clarity and starting from a position where you know what you want.

Leo, you can go out and make things happen today.

December 17 Zodiac is Sagittarius - Full Horoscope Personality

Travel plans can come up today involving a learning opportunity that is associated with work or school. Virgo, take care of yourself and perhaps you may want to do something fun and nurturing with a friend. You can schedule a double date at a massage parlor for the weekend, or if you can look to see if there's a friend who would like to barter services so you both feel amazing and get a need met that is an exchange of time for service vs time for money.

Libra, talk is a way to connect to the soul. You have friends that hear your the words between the lines that you speak. Be that friend to others as well today. However, the developed kind is represented by people who are generally liked for their goodness, loyalty and justice. The friends of such a person usually hold high positions and can be very useful and helpful to them.

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